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We are vPOOL, load-carrier and logistics experts for the food industry’s supply chain. We offer reusable containers that satisfy the specific hygiene requirements of the food sector. Our key offerings include our extensive service portfolio and our digital solutions. From storage and shipping containers to pallets, large load carriers and fitted packaging, we take care of managing your load carriers so you don’t have to.

Your expert in load-carrier pooling for over 20 years

vPOOL Logistics GmbH was founded in 1997 from a slaughtering and meat processing company that was aware of the potential of exchangeable load carriers, which it has continued to promote in the industry. Since then, the continuous growth of a sustainable, Europe-wide logistics network has allowed vPOOL to help optimise the supply chain of the food industry and offer the most suitable reusable containers.

As a packaging specialist with over 20 years of experience, we offer more than just the standard solutions. Instead, we create custom arrangements that make the most sense for individual logistical challenges. For the specific needs of load-carrier management, vPOOL has steadily expanded its product portfolio, which covers the most common storage and transport containers in the meat and food industry, as well as hygienic pallets, large load carriers and relevant accessories such as plastic meat hooks.

Since 2016, our digital offerings have given our customers simplified load-carrier management in an instant. With the introduction of a digital document-management system and the 2017 launch of poolbook, our digital load-carrier management platform, we have made delivery processes and empty container management considerably easier.

We are member of Faber Group

Since 2019, vPOOL has been part of the Faber Group, a Dutch family-owned company with a history stretching back to the year 1891. The Faber Group is a leading provider of sustainable packaging and pooling services within a circular economy framework. In addition to vPOOL, its portfolio holds a wide array of European pooling companies.

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