Account Management, Pooling

Just imagine: no managing your accounts, no tedious individual statements, all available load carriers at a glance and therefore cost-effective logistics. We make this dream come true for you - either through fully automated processes using our in-house software poolbook, or manually. poolbook can be connected to your ERP System easily and without hassle. In either case you do not have to worry about anything; we take care of it with our pooling solution.

What exactly is pooling?

Mr. Becker, a producer of food and a vPOOL customer, explains this to you in a brief video:

The benefits of pooling at a glance

  • Optimum linking of needs and surplus
  • Use of network effects and synergies
  • Reduction or complete avoidance of transport routes
  • Account settlement without physical movement
  • Conservation of the environment thanks to CO2 savings

Thanks to efficient pooling, we are able to save routes for our customers each month that approximate 250 million Nuremberg sausages lined up next to each other. Can you imagine that?

Account management, pooling with poolbook

Account management with incoming and outgoing goods, bookings and all virtual re-bookings is a relatively complex process, but we will help you. In line with our attempts to pursue a paper-free organisation and to implement Digitalisation 4.0, we have developed a software that simplifies various logistics processes. It is called poolbook. This short video shows you how it works:

The benefits of account management and pooling with poolbook at a glance:

  • Order entry at anytime, anywhere
  • Simple communication channels
  • Create and confirm records in a simple and straightforward process
  • Fast data flows and immediate alignment
  • Low risk that load carriers do disappear
  • Automatic processing of collections of empties
  • Transparent processes: Orders, status and stock overview at a glance
  • Use is possible even without an existing customer account at vpool

Account management, pooling conventional

But, of course, we will still help you to manage your account manually. vPOOL gives you all delivery and collection records ahead of time so that you always have an overview of your account. Punctually at the end of the month, we will send you your full account by e-mail, all you need to do is to confirm it. We will then trigger the invoicing process in the background - very easily and without any effort on your part.