Financing, Rental

You wish to buy, rent, clean or pool load carriers? Together with our partners, we offer you appropriate financing concepts such as leasing or hire purchase. You can, of course, also rent a few standard products from us.


Do you need load carriers but don't want to invest or are you seeking depreciation options? We can provide you with financing concepts, such as hire-purchase solutions, for long-term requirements – you can use your load carriers immediately and pay comfortably in instalments.


Do you need load carriers at specific time at a specific place but you don't want to bind your capital for the long-term? To meet short-term peak requirements, we can offer you hire-purchase concepts for standard products. This means that you only need to pay for the time in which you also use the load carriers, regardless of whether they are cleaned or not. Thanks to our extensive logistics network, we can supply you at short notice even, and in particular, during peak times. 

Whatever the situation is, we will work together with our financing partners to find a good solution!