Logistics, Cleaning, Storage

You focus on your core business, we will take care of your load carriers. Benefit from our Europe-wide network to transport your empties in a cost-effective manner. Dont't struggle with certifications for perfect, food-grade load carriers - leave it all to us. Why block storage capacities when we can take over the storage management from you?


We have an extensive logistics network. Over the past 20 years we have developed an European network that allows us to supply you with load carriers reliably, quickly and flexibly even, and in particular, during peak times.

Our unbeatable team is available to you and is passionate about making the impossible possible. Every day we organise 150 deliveries and collections, by coordinating more than 700 service providers. Every year we move so much load carriers that they could fill almost 1,000 football pitches.


Not particularly enamoured about cleaning? We are! At two of our own sites and in cooperation with numerous partners, we clean your load carriers in strict compliance with the IFS Logistics quality standard, and the ISO 9001 and HACCP. This means we are able to provide cleaned empties almost anywhere at short notice.



Our extensive network of service centres throughout Europe is what makes fast and efficient logistics possible. This network and various other loading stations round off our logistics network to ensure that long transport paths can be avoided and we can provide load carriers cost-efficiently at any time. Also, our customers can store or temporarily store load carriers at short notice.