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These load carriers are available for lease and purchase from vPOOL

Why tie up capital unnecessarily in buying load carriers when you can lease them?

Leasing is available as an alternative to purchasing in many industries. The advantages are clear: Demand for load carriers undergoes fluctuations. Surplus supply ties up capital, while short-term spikes in demand require significant resources to purchase new load carriers. By leasing reusable containers, the supply is guaranteed to always match demand. You’ll save on warehousing costs and avoid unnecessary investments.

Pooling containers

Euro meat crates

  • E1 Euro meat crate
  • E2 Euro meat crate
  • E3 Euro meat crate

Performance containers

  • E1 Performance container
  • E2 Performance container
  • E3 Performance container

H1 hygiene pallets

  • H1 Reusable plastic pallet

One-way pallets

One-way pallets

L: 1200mm
W: 800mm
H: 153mm

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