Raw materials such as high-quality plastics are valuable. For this reason - and because we not only think in terms of profitability but also eco-friendliness - we focus on recycling of damaged load carriers. Thus, you don't have to take care of the disposal; we replace your defective load carriers and pay you the value of the raw materials.

Our returnable transport packagings are sustainable thanks to the fact they are reused many times. But we take our ecological responsibility one step further: The high-quality plastic containers can be recycled to 100%. We also completely return damaged load carriers to the recycled material loop.

This also has economic benefits: Instead of charging you for the disposal of your packaging materials, we will even compensate you for the material value of your faulty load carriers.

Your benefits:

  • No disposal problems
  • We replace faulty load carriers at your request
  • Compensation of the material value