Requirements Analysis

What challenges do you face? Do you require "plain old" standard load carriers or specific, individual products? How high is your demand - normally and during peak times? Do you require financing concepts? Would you like to reduce administrative effort through fully automated pooling solutions? Whatever you need, we have an appropriate solution for every challenge - after all, we have been in this field for the last 20 years. Get in touch with us and we will be happy to advise you!

We have many questions ...

As a customer, you are the centre of our focus, which is why our first consulting meeting concentrates on you and your current processes.

What load carriers do you need? Standard products or individual packaging solutions? What volume are we looking at on a regular basis and at peak times? Do you need a financing concept? Do you have your own fleet or would you like vpool to organise the logistics for you? Do you need cleaned or uncleaned empties? What do you expect from the pooling and the account management? Maybe we can offer you support here, be it manually or fully automatically with a connection to your ERP system? What about recycling? Should we take care of your faulty empties, pick them up from your premises and dispose of them in an environmentally-friendly manner?

That is a lot of questions, we know. But we think in networks and interconnect the individual requirements of our customers. The tighter the network, the smaller the fish we can catch. At the end of the day, we are talking about calculations that have three decimal places.



... and the corresponding answers

We will come up with a perfect solution for you after our first meeting. We check what makes sense for you – procuring or renting load carriers, or a combination of both to cover seasonal peaks. But what load carriers are we talking about...?

We analyse your company situation and the use of your load carriers. Be it long-term solutions or short-term rent solutions to cover seasonal peak times, we will put together a suitable concept for you.

We will develop a logistics concept for you that takes into account your own fleet, and which is oriented on your production. Here, you can also make use of our large warehouse and depot infrastructure to store equipment temporarily. This makes your logistics network even tighter. 

We will be happy to clean your empties for you. So, you can relax whilst we make sure that the strict food hygiene standards are met.

In addition to the pooling, we will also take care of your empties account management. You have the choice of managing your account manually or using our specially developed poolbook software. This also allows connection to your own ERP system. Regardless of your decision: Account management will become a secondary task for you, even though you have a full overview of your load carriers at all times.

We also recommend recycling to you, to close the cycle. We will buy your faulty empties and arrange for their collection.