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From storage and shipping of food related industry standard containers, pallets, large load carriers and packaging, we take care of managing your load carriers so you don’t have to.



vPOOL services at a glance

vPOOL is a specialist in providing services and the pooling reusable containers for the food industry, especially meat and fish processing and grocery retail. With our Euro containers, industrial big boxes and H1 pallets, you can seamlessly organise the transportation of meat and milk products, fish and seasonings with total confidence.




We find made-to-measure solutions for you!

The services we offer go far beyond the norm: we prepare a tailor-made approach that makes the most sense to meet your logistic needs. Our services range from individual load-carrier management services to comprehensive solutions for load-carrier logistics, with services that extend to the entire value chain for foodstuff production.

Advisory services and needs assessment

  • 20 years of experience in load-carrier management for the food sector
  • Our advisors find the right solution for every challenge.
  • Holistic consultation
  • Needs assessment
  • Logistics concepts

Open pooling

  • International ordering, drop-off and pick-up of containers and empties
  • The quality you specify, when & where you need it
  • Euro containers, E Performance crates, big boxes, and more
  • A sustainable approach to logistics: fewer empty journeys, leading to lower CO2 emissions
  • Optimal linking of demand and excess supply

Barter & lease of load carriers

  • Sourcing of requested load carriers across Germany
  • Empty container management in pooling and non-pooling variants
  • Financing
  • Solutions without capital commitment



  • Digital empty container management with poolbook
  • Transparent processes for container management: A constant overview of orders, current status and inventory management
  • Enter orders anytime and anywhere using smartphone or web-based apps

Additional services

  • Empty container and carrier cleaning that meets the HACCP quality standards
  • Storage of load carriers in one of our European service centres

How working with vPOOL benefits you

Our digital tools streamline many of your processes including pallet exchange, keeping accounts and dropping off small quantities of load carriers so that your loading area is ready for the next activity!

A made-to-measure approach

vPOOL coordinates its customers’ diverse requirements with the aim of avoiding unnecessary empty journeys and getting the load carriers where they’re needed and when they’re needed, with the quality customers require.

Solutions for your entire value chain

We offer you more than standard solutions, developing a customised approach that is ideal for your logistical challenges. These can range from individual components of load-carrier management to solutions that extend to the entire value chain.

A partnership-based model

We always do our very best to fulfil our customers’ expectations. We support our community across Europe – whenever and wherever needed!

Extensive product portfolio

We have the right load carrier for every need, with meat crates, performance containers, H1 hygiene pallets and accessories.

poolbook - a digital solution for container management

A fully automated, paperless solution with poolbook, a proprietary software solution which digitises and speeds up load-carrier management.

Sustainability and cost efficiency: fewer empty journeys, less CO2

Our partners and network synergies when making and collecting deliveries save our customers more than time and fuel: they also save money and reduce their CO2 output.

A strong community for the perfect solution

Our team of over 50 logistics experts delivers efficient, reliable and sustainable pooling solutions for food production, retail and transportation. The positive and long-lasting relationships we have with our partners are our highest priority.

We belong to the Faber Group, forming a strong community of logistics pooling professionals alongside our customers, suppliers, distributors and employees. We support our community across Europe – whenever and wherever needed!


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