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The online portal for digital load-carrier management

What is poolbook?

poolbook is a software program developed by vPOOL, which digitises load-carrier management and provides a first-rate platform for all customers:
poolbook bietet den digitalen Handshake!

  • poolbook is as simple as online banking
  • poolbook provides full transparency / visibility of flows of empty containers
  • poolbook provides order-relevant information in real time
  • poolbook prevents waste and complaints
  • poolbook makes working together easier

Further advantages of poolbook

Using poolbook makes it considerably easier to handle load carriers of all kinds:

  • Paper-heavy procedures are digitised and can be processed faster
  • Empty container inventories are updated on your unique dashboard every 20 minutes
  • Order confirmations can be viewed online in poolbook or sent via email
  • Direct feedback on order status and actual amounts
  • Rapid acceptance of product deliveries via the portal or app using a digital handshake
  • Automatic document creation in real time
  • poolbook provides a high degree of transparency for your load-carrier flows
  • Differences in quantities or disagreements can be quickly clarified and documented
  • Prevents errors in product transfers due to illegible handwriting on delivery documents
  • Can be used without an existing vPOOL customer account

This is how digitised container management works

poolbook process from ordering to processing and posting

Interested in poolbook?

We’d be happy to show you how poolbook can help you simplify your load carrier management!

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