You require load carriers and/or equipment at the right time and place? Then you've come to the right place! Whether you are considering buying or renting, you will benefit from our wholesale prices offered by certified manufacturers. Moreover, we are known for our reliable and timely deliveries even during peak seasons. We ensure this through our long-term partners, who comply with our quality standards regardless of whether they are new goods or second-hand.

Loading equipment portfolio

You are looking for packaging, loading equipment or logistics solutions and we can offer them to you! We see ourselves as a packaging specialist and a strong partner at your side with more than 20 years of experience in managing your loading equipment. Be it large loading equipment, storage and transport containers, pallets or constructive packaging, we guarantee that we will find the right solution for any challenge you face!

Every manufacturing operation requires packaging and associated services, e.g. financing, lease, logistics, cleaning or storage. It does not matter to us what products are transported, thanks to our many years of experience and excellent network, we can meet almost any needs. We also look ahead and are already addressing issues such as e-commerce, reusable packaging and online food and halal-conform packaging. Just contact us, we look forward to speaking with you!

vPOOL's Experts for constructive packaging Horst Bayreuther and Michael Droesse

But not enough. We can also provide custom-made products, for instance:

  • Individual design: We can personalise your loading equipment with your logo, company name or a K3-print
  • Different crate stacking hight: Do you only need 24 crates instead of 48 per pallet? No Problem
  • Different pallets: We will be happy to stack your crates on H1 or other pallets for you
  • Skids for plastic pallets: We can also provide skids for your plastic pallets that can simply be clipped on, or we will even mount them for you
  • Protective Packaging: To meet the very strictest of hygiene requirements, we can also wrap your loading equipment in film, pack them below a hood or turn the top crate upside down for you
  • Disinfection: Do your new goods need to be disinfected first? We will be happy to take care of this for you
  • Mixed loads: Do you need different loading equipment on one lorry?

Just contact us and see what we can make possible!

Quality is our first and foremost priority! To fulfil the stringent food hygiene standards, we only use pure materials from certified manufacturers for loading equipment that is used to transport food. In this way we can guarantee that our loading equipment is HACCP and ISO-compatible.