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Sustainability is one of our key concerns when transporting load carriers in a pooling system, which also helps our customers to achieve their sustainability goals.

Why pooling is sustainable

Open pooling of storage and transport containers like Euro containers, E Performance crates, H1 pallets, big boxes or other packaging optimises logistics processes along the entire supply chain and helps everyone involved to increase the sustainability of their empty container logistics.


Sustainability report 2022

Faber Group, the Dutch parent company of vPOOL Logistics GmbH, has published its first sustainability report for 2022 to disclose its sustainability efforts, KPIs and ambitions to all stakeholders.

The circular economy

The idea of open pooling itself is sustainable. It is a Europe-wide system of exchanging reusable containers which benefits all participants by enabling them to exchange load carriers in a flexible, cost-effective manner. This circular economy system enables green logistics across the entire supply chain.


With efficient pooling, we save our customers distances that equate to around 250 million Nuremberg bratwursts laid end-to-end. Can you imagine?


How you can work more sustainably with pooling

Learn how you can sustainably save resources with our open pool, and what other advantages our digital solution can provide for your container logistics. Find out more here.

Sustainability in the Group

Since 2019, vPOOL has been part of the Faber Group, a Europe-wide provider of pooling services with standard load carriers using a circular economy model. Together, we work towards sustainable and resource-friendly load-carrier logistics.

Faber Group is EcoVadis Platinum certified

In September 2021, the Faber Group received EcoVadis Platinum Status. This is the highest sustainability rating, ranking our business among the top 1% in our industry. EcoVadis is a leading provider of sustainability ratings, with a network of over 75,000 evaluated companies.

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