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More sustainable logistics through pooling

🗸 Optimal linking of demand and excess supply of load carriers 

🗸 More efficient logistics processes through synergistic effects


🗸 Fewer empty journeys, less CO2

🗸 Open pool = Maximum exchangeability

🗸 Balance settlement without physical movements

Pooling your load carriers – meaning you’ll get empty containers at the right time and place – leads to incredible cost savings by leveraging network effects and synergies.

The pooling system doesn’t just contribute to a more sustainable, greener supply chain by reducing transport distances or eliminating trips and thus lowering CO2 emissions: instead, pooling also allows you to handle your load-carrier management more efficiently, meaning you can focus on your core business.

Save transport distances and CO2

If you can exchange load carriers across Europe, you don’t need to haul empty containers back and forth. The transportation of empty containers is reduced, since you can collect the crates and pallets you need from our large network, or have them delivered. And when you no longer need them, just return them to the nearest collection point or have us collect them from you. This saves you the space taken up by meat crates and pallets in your loading area and also lowers your CO2 emissions.

Less administrative expenses, more paperless transactions

Pooling saves you time and paper! The open pooling of load carriers makes managing load-carrier movements faster and more efficient. With our software, poolbook, we have digitised load-carrier management and made the delivery process easier for food producers, distributors and logistics providers. It provides an ideal platform for our customers to speed up their logistics processes. Order confirmations can be accessed online in poolbook and delivery notes can be manually prepared, providing a high degree of transparency in load-carrier flows.

Sustainability in the Faber Group

vPOOL is part of the Faber Group, a Europe-wide provider of pooling services with standard load carriers using a circular economy model. Together, we work towards sustainable and resource-friendly load-carrier logistics.

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