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Sustainability in the Faber Group

The history of the family-owned Faber Group dates back to the year 1891. The company is a Europe-wide provider of sustainable, circular packaging products and pooling services.






We are part of a group that is committed to sustainability

Since its founding in 1891, the Faber Group has been dedicated to sustainable business practices. As part of the Faber Group, we are also committed to taking a social, sustainable and resource-friendly approach in terms of load-carrier pooling and logistics along the supply chain. 

We’ve set the bar high: As a group, we want to be the world’s most sustainable manufacturer and pooling service provider for pallets and boxes.

- Ingrid Faber, CEO of the Faber Group

What sustainability means in the Faber Group

We have always been focused on a sustainable future

We feel we have a duty to our clients and to future generations to offer high-quality, reusable and sustainable products and services.

Our goal is to make a positive impact with our logistics solutions for supply chains. We are bringing the circular economy to the logistics industry and see circularity as a service within a shared economy.

Our mission and vision is the circular economy

Using pooling and other circular systems, we want to work together with our clients to close the loop. We help you solve your logistics challenges and meet your sustainability goals, putting you in a position where you can concentrate on your core business. We innovate and accelerate the joint use of logistics products and support environmental protection. We invest in innovative circular concepts.

The Faber Group has introduced an ambitious SDG programme in order to make a positive impact, driven by the responsibility to act with care.

Our products and services are sustainable

We are the Faber Group, an international family-owned company specialised in circular economy services for load carriers. We have established a reliable, flexible and sustainable network across Europe to make supply chains more efficient.

We offer sustainable, reliable and cost-effective pallet, crate and pooling services for nearly all industries across Europe. We make this possible by pooling our logistical resources and investing in new concepts.

You can find out more about sustainability in the Faber Group here.

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