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The pool of standardised load carriers in food production such as meat crates, hygienic pallets and big boxes, along with our Europe-wide network, creates synergies through demand and excess supply. This makes it possible for food producers, distributors and logistics providers to increase the efficiency of their logistics processes by eliminating unnecessary transportation.

With our Europe-wide network of service partners and an optimised linkage of supply and demand for load carriers, the distances travelled and the associated CO2 emissions can be reduced, with some journeys eliminated entirely.

Thanks to our individually customised empty container management in the pooling system, everyone involved is better positioned to reach their sustainability goals. Empty journeys can be avoided through transfers in which load carriers are credited and can later be retrieved.

Pooling models leverage network effects, replacing the linear transportation of standardised load carriers, in which empty containers are transported back to the owner after delivery at considerable cost. Instead, pooling models use a depot system in which empty containers are handed in, allowing other users of load carriers to take them away and put them to use.

Pooling your load carriers saves you significant costs through our optimised linking of demand and excess supply and the harnessing of network effects and synergies. With programs like poolbook, we take it even further:

Pallet pooling = Circular economy

The open pool for exchangeable and reusable standard load carriers and RTPs like meat crates and hygienic pallets has many advantages. Storage and transport containers can be exchanged and organised flexibly and cost-effectively throughout Europe, which significantly simplifies supply chain logistics in the food industry and reduces the CO2 footprint of the entire supply chain, benefiting the environment as well as your wallet. The tried-and-tested open pool system reduces the time spent by everyone involved while increasing efficiency and protecting the environment. Transport routes with empty containers and the expensive reloading of goods can be reduced or even completely eliminated, e.g., through balance settlements without physical movements. This means less resource use by our customers and throughout the entire supply chain.

Furthermore, load carriers are inspected using a strict quality system, ensuring a seamless flow of material into the market for a wide variety of quality requirements.

The more users are involved, the more sustainable and efficient the system becomes. With us as a partner, you can have access to the right quantities of pallets and crates everywhere in Europe and can return them wherever they are no longer needed.

The advantages that food industry customers get from exchanging standardised load carriers and transport containers include the following:

Sustainability through exchanging

The idea of open pooling itself is sustainable. It is a Europe-wide system of exchanging reusable containers which benefits all participants by enabling them to exchange load carriers in a flexible, cost-effective manner.


We pool standard load carriers like Euro containers, which follow European guidelines and fulfil all the hygienic requirements of the food industry.

Reduction of CO2 emissions

Thanks to our broad network, storage and transport containers can be reused anywhere in Europe. This provides savings on transporting empty containers, thus lowering CO2 emissions and fuel costs.

Digital empty container management

With poolbook, our proprietary software, your empty container management will become more digital, more efficient and more resource-friendly since it automates and simplifies the steps in the process.

Sustainability in the Faber Group

vPOOL is part of the Faber Group, a Europe-wide provider of pooling services with standard load carriers using a circular economy model. Together, we work towards sustainable and resource-friendly business practices in logistics.

How your logistics will also become more sustainable

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