Alle vpool Mitarbeiter in der Waschanlage Steinfeld

We are your load carrier manager

We are an unbeatable team, that …

  • demonstrates great commitment to pursuing its goal of providing the perfect logistics,
  • responds to its customers' needs flexibly and quickly,
  • lives by the principle 'A promise is a promise',
  • attaches great importance to quality and maintenance and maintains a friendly cooperative approach and also organises joint celebrations.

Would you like to join vPOOL?  

Did you know …

  • we at vPOOL can look back on more than 20 years in the load carrier logistics field?
  • that every year we move so much load carriers that they could fill almost 1,000 football pitches?
  • that, thanks to efficient pooling/load carrier management, we are able to save routes each month that approximate 250 million Nuremberg sausages lined up next to each other?
  • that our 60 employees ...
    • organise up to 150 deliveries and collections per day throughout Europe?
    • by coordinating more than 700 service providers?
  • that we are a partner to the Centre for Sustainable Corporate Management (ZNU) of the University of Witten-Herdecke, and pursue clear goals to make the economic, social and environmental fields even more sustainable?
  • that we not only pool meat boxes and H1 pallets, but also other load carriers? Which? Talk to us!

vPOOL. Your Load Carrier Manager.