E-Performance und E-Kisten in einer Lagerhalle
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Welcome to vPOOL, your load carrier manager!

Be it warehouse and shipping containers, pallets, large load carriers or constructive packaging, we make management of your load carriers something that you do not need to worry about. You can buy or rent all typical containers, boxes and pallets required for the meat-processing and food industry from us. We will also find solutions for load carrier with material mixes, elements in the containers or complete packaging and are open to all sectors.

Load carriers and empties logistics, pooling

We also provide the logistics you need so that your load carriers are always there where you need it. With more than 20 years of experience and an extensive European network, we are able to make deliveries to you reliably, quickly and flexibly, especially in peak times. 'Pooling' your load carriers – i.e. supplying empties to the right place at the right time – saves you considerable costs thanks to our optimised linking of needs and surplus, and the use of networking and synergy effects. Our customer Mr. Becker explains exactly how this works in a short video. 

Cleaning load carriers

Of course, we will also wash your meat and food containers and pallets, if you like. We provide washing services at our main Location in Wörnitz in Middle Franconia. If we are not able to clean your load carriers with this washing systems, or if it makes more sense for you to make use of other washing services somewhere else, we will take care that one of our partners will clean your load carriers. Of course, both we and our partners always meet all food hygiene requirements.

Empties account management as easy as online banking

Our main focus is to ensure that you do not have to worry about managing your load carriers and empties. We will keep an empties account for you, either manually or using the software poolbook we developed, as you require. This software allows orders to be recorded anytime and anywhere; transport documents are created and confirmed easily and simply, load carriers can no longer 'disappear', and accounts can be balanced immediately. You can also connect poolbook to your own ERP system so that you do not need to work with two systems.

Partnerships and Sustainability

We attach great importance to maintaining a partnership-like relationship when managing your load carriers. We offer you a concept that makes the most sense for you and do not just concentrate on your specific needs, but also look at the situation of your company. We live by the principle 'A promise is a promise' and our team works passionately to ensure that your load carriers are where you need it when you need it. We are also proud of the path we are taking toward more sustainability. We are partners to the centre for sustainable company management and set ourselves clear goals so that we can become even more sustainable in all areas.