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Whether storage and transport containers, pallets, large load carriers or digital management of your load carriers. vPOOL makes empties management a secondary matter for you.

This is vPOOL

We are vPOOL, load-carrier and logistics experts for the food industry’s supply chain. We offer reusable containers that satisfy the specific hygiene requirements of the food sector. With over 20 years of experience and an extensive European-wide open pool network, our speciality is supplying you quickly and flexibly, especially during peak demand periods.

Our motto: We care!

We always do our very best to fulfil our customers’ expectations. The positive and long-lasting relationships we have established with our partners are our highest priority. Our team is determined to provide unique, efficient, reliable, and sustainable open pooling solutions that work for everyone. We support our community throughout Europe – whenever, wherever!



Our open pooling solution

With pooling, we help you manage your Euro containers and E Performance crates, H1 pallets and big boxes across Europe in a more efficient and environmentally friendly manner. Our pooling network makes it possible to leverage synergies to significantly simplify logistics in the supply chains of food producers, retailers and logistics providers, simultaneously reducing cost and carbon footprint.



Rental and Barter (Exchange)

vPOOL’s Rental and barter options provide greater flexibility, reliable deliveries, and a wealth of options for long-term planning to food industry producers, retailers and logistics service providers. We make every effort to ensure the availability of standard exchangeable load carriers in the quality and quantity needed, allowing you to deal with demand fluctuations without a hitch.



Our industry-specific services

We’re a company that can be counted on. Whether it’s traditional containers in the meat and food industry like meat crates, hygiene and plastic pallets or big boxes, we reliably provide the RTPs that fit your needs. We provide the quality and quantity of empty containers you need, where you need them. This saves you time, travel and CO2 emissions, allowing you to devote your full attention to your business.

Producers & Manufacturers

  • Pooling, rental and barter of RTPs made to meet high quality requirements in the meat, fish and protein industry and for vegetable producers
  • Food-grade storage and transport containers
  • Cleaning of empty exchangeable containers

Wholesalers and retailers

  • Load carriers for sensitive sectors with special hygiene requirements, e.g. supermarkets
  • Deformation- and impact-resistant, stackable big boxes for high-bay warehouses
  • Pooling to avoid empty journeys


  • Quick and easy drop-off and pick-up of reusable containers
  • Simplified empty container management
  • Pooling of minimal quantities
  • Pooling to avoid empty journeys

Our digital solution: poolbook

Just imagine: No in-house accounting, no annoying individual invoices, all of the available load carriers at a glance, and the most cost-effective logistics. We can make this dream come true for you with poolbook, our very own fully automated software that can be linked to your ERP system in a simple and straightforward manner. You won’t need to worry about a thing, our digital pooling software will deal with it.



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