Purpose, mission & value

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As a family company, we feel a sense of responsibility to maintain continuity, growth and safety. As such, we are determined to make a positive contribution to a better world. With care, respect and sincere thoughtfulness, we work towards long-term relationships and sustainable success for our customers, our partners, our colleagues and our environment. 

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We have an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for our trade. We don’t shy away from showing initiative and face every challenge head-on. With a sense of fun and a positive attitude, we create solutions that work for our customers. We do it together, with care and with respect for one another and for our environment. 

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We focus on our products, services and processes. We are always motivated to become better and more efficient. That is how we deliver sustainable quality at a competitive price. With our dedication, expertise and experience, we offer the best advice to achieve an optimal result. With us as a partner, our customers can concentrate on their core business. 

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Carrying impact

  • Refers to load carriers and connects to the current and future activities of the Faber Group.
  • Refers to the circular model and the commitment to sustainability.
  • Refers to the full spectrum of current and future products and services that increase the impact of the company itself along with its customers.
  • Refers to our efforts to give something back to our local communities and to create fair working conditions and growth for our employees.

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