From storage and shipping of food related industry standard containers, pallets, large load carriers and packaging, we take care of managing your load carriers so you don’t have to.

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vPOOL services at a glance

vPOOL is a specialist in providing services and the pooling reusable containers for the food industry, especially meat and fish processing and grocery retail. With our Euro containers, industrial big boxes and H1 pallets, you can seamlessly organise the transportation of meat and milk products, fish and seasonings with total confidence

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Analyses & Consulting

Before we start working for you, we examine your logistics needs and process down to the last detail. Our consultation ensures that we understand your work processes in order to offer you an optimal and individual logistics concept.

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Pooling & Logistics

Our experienced team can guarantee optimal and cost-effective pooling through a Europe-wide partner network.

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Washing & Storage

We are passionate about our work and have many years of experience in supplying you with load carriers in the right place at the right time. In addition, we clean them according to the well-known quality standards and store them on request.

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Rent & Buy

We rent and sell empties to flexibly compensate for fluctuations in your packaging logistics. This way, your company does not have to buy crates and pallets or store them long-term.

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Digital Accounting - poolbook

With our specially developed poolbook solution, your empties management becomes digital, efficient and resourcesaving. The necessary work steps are automated and simplified. This frees up important capacities for your core business.

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Pooling is a Europe-wide reusable exchange system from which all participants benefit because they can exchange load carriers flexibly and cost-effectively.


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