Sponsoring Klasse2000

Sponsoring "Klasse2000" - Children are our future!

03 November 2023

Wörnitz, 03.11.2023 - Children are undoubtedly the future of our society, and education plays a crucial role in training them to become independent, curious individuals. Nevertheless, important practical and everyday topics are often missing from regular lessons.

External projects, such as that of "Klasse 2000", are invaluable in this respect. They help schools, like the primary school in Meinhardswinden, to ensure that children gain valuable practical experience. These projects enable pupils to learn beyond the curriculum, but often need to be supported by self-funding or external funding.

This is where we step in. We are proud to partner with Class 3c at Ansbach Primary School, Meinhardswinden-Brodswinden, and sponsor this valuable project. Our support enables the pupils to gain valuable practical experience and enrich their education.

Together we can strengthen our children's education and ensure that they are best prepared for the challenges of the future.

More information on Klasse2000 at www.klasse2000.de