Sustainability Workshop 2023: Building a Sustainable Future!

Sustainability Workshop 2023: Building a Sustainable Future!

27 April 2023

Last week the vPOOL Sustainability Workshops took place in Wörnitz! Divided into four groups of ten, the employees went through a three-hour workshop aimed at fostering sustainability within the Faber Group and their entities. The meeting was kicked-off by our CEO David Mayo and Torsten Junker, Director Finance, who talked about the sustainability concept of the Faber Group and explained its goals.

Moderator Carla Gögelein, Marketing Manager of vPOOL, introduced the interactive part of the workshop with a poetry slam on the topic of sustainability, referencing the 17 Goodlifegoals. The employees were then divided into two groups of five, with Daniela Seibel moderating the second group's brainstorming session.

The ideas generated during the workshop were varied, ranging from environmentally conscious to socially critical and of course business-related.

For example, one of the suggestions was the optimization of transport routes, the production of containers and improvement in asset management in the pooling area, were also a significant focus, with for example, a suggestion to share orders and dispositions across different divisions of the Faber Group using a common portal. This would potentially further reduce empty runs and optimize truck utilization across the entire Faber Group.

The active participation of the vPOOL members was sincerely appreciated, as was the willingness to take responsibility for actions to enhance sustainability was inspiring. The follow-up of the workshop data gathered will continue for some time, and the ideas generated will be shared with the Faber Group leadership team, in the next steps - and in the roadshow planned for later in 2023. Overall, we believe that the vPOOL Sustainability Workshop was a valuable step towards the team building a solid base for a sustainable future within the Faber Group.