Tandem model at vPOOL

Newly introduced tandem model at vPOOL establishes itself

31 August 2023

Since the end of March 2023, a new and extremely successful working model has been established within vPOOL: tandem pairing between key account managers from the sales team and employees from Customer Service Support. This fixed division of the customer structure means that one employee from each of the two teams of office and field staff works permanently with a defined customer pool. The result of this collaboration is remarkable: Our customers now always have a personal contact person, which improves communication and allows processes to be viewed and optimized more precisely.

After almost half a year of implementing this concept, we can draw an extremely positive interim conclusion: the tandem pairing works almost without a hitch. It has raised communication and collaboration between the teams to a new level. The tandem partners can learn from each other and in some cases also visit customers together. Thanks to this efficient synergy, customer inquiries can now be processed more quickly, which in turn leads to a noticeable increase in customer satisfaction.

"We are proud that we have already received a lot of positive feedback from our customers. We focus on clear and open communication as well as fast response times to inquiries or problems. We will continue to work on continuously improving our service processes for our customers and internal processes to enable effective and positive cooperation. After all, this is the only way we can offer our customers the best possible service and retain their loyalty in the long term," explains Andreas Lenz, Director of Sales.

Overall, we can say with conviction: The Tandem model has proven to be extremely effective! It allows us to work efficiently without compromising on the quality of our customer service. We are looking forward to the future with excitement, as we want to further expand our experience to gain even more satisfied customers for our company.

Sebastian Sindel, Customer Service Support Expert:„By working together in tandem, the activities of the office and field staff now mesh seamlessly. Regular jour fixe appointments serve the exchange and not only facilitate our work, but also optimize the processes for our customers."