The givve® card and the „Voluntary Commitment“ of vPOOL employees

The givve® card and the „Voluntary Commitment“ of vPOOL employees

11 April 2023

The givve card has been available at vPOOL since October 2020. And no, it's not a spelling mistake: the givve card is a voucher card that is used as a collection card of no-cash bonuses for employees. The activities completed are entered by the employees themselves, like with any bonus booklet. Then when a full bonus booklet is returned to HR, a grant is loaded onto the givve card. This, in turn, can then be redeemed like any gift voucher at various points of acceptance.

Over the course of time, more and more areas of application have been added.  But what does that mean exactly? In addition to sporting activities such as going to the gym or participating in sports programmes, the givve card can also be used for voluntary work in welfare associations or other social areas. The aim is to honour and consequently also to strengthen and support personal initiative regarding one's own health, but also a social commitment in support of society.

In this issue, we would like to show you more than just our dear givve card. We would like to introduce three colleagues who are passionate about their voluntary work and tell you what volunteering means to them!

No violence against volunteers!

I joined the Rothenburg ob der Tauber volunteer fire brigade in 2019. Primarily to be both a role model for my sons and to be able to offer help to people in extreme emergencies. The best thing ever is the camaraderie in the brigade: I know I can rely on all my comrades and that together we master any situation & operation!

Philipp Dörrer, Manager IT

Volunteering is not witchcraft!

I have been helping a large Ukrainian family since April 2022. This task was important to me because something like this can happen to us too. Some of the children in the family are the same age as my two children, which is why I was very touched by their fate. The adults have all found jobs in the village and now speak excellent German. It was a long, arduous road with the bureaucracy, but we still managed! I enjoy seeing the family become part of our community. Volunteering is not witchcraft, and many more people should do it, because strong friendships can grow out of it!

Waltraut "Walli" Witt, Purchase Expert

Volunteering needs more people!

I have been a youth coach for the SG Dinkelsbühl / Segringen for 5.5 years. I've always had my eye on it, and then when I joined the "Alten Herren" (old men), I was asked if I wouldn't also like to coach our F-youth team. Since then, it has simply been exciting to support the kids and to be able to participate in their development. More people are needed to help keep volunteering alive in the future.

Simon Hanselmann, Sales Controller