vPOOL gains with PEBÖCK synergy effects with depot in Austria

vPOOL gains with PEBÖCK synergy effects with depot in Austria

31 May 2023

Wörnitz/Langenzersdorf, 27.07.2023 - vPOOL, together with the washing system manufacturer PEBÖCK, is focusing on innovative washing technologies and enabling supply chain synergy effects, at its new depot location near Vienna. PEBÖCK, an expert with more than 40 years of experience in the field of washing systems for trade and industry, supports vPOOL in further expanding its customer network in the regions around Vienna (Langenzersdorf), Austria, Poland and Italy.

The project, launched in January 2023,  is a significant undertaking for vPOOL, is accompanied by Key Account Manager Julius Pflug (whose area of responsibility includes Austria), Project Manager Sales, Horst Bayreuther and Director Sales, Andreas Lenz. Initial consultations with Viktor Graumann from PEBÖCK laid the foundation for the project. These defined the process, enabled test runs to be completed, customers to be identified, marketing material to be developed, with potential customer meetings also being held and the first trial example boxes were sent through the future washing technology, to be delivered and scrutinised by future new customers.

Another aspect that can never be forgotten in vPOOL's business environment is quality management, which is why vPOOL's Quality Manager, Michael Bartlitz, has been involved since the outset in order to ensure the appropriate focus on the quality assurance aspect of project planning and realise the necessary support to both existing key accounts and new sales. It has all come together nicely.

"Currently, we still have a lot to coordinate with our partners in Austria to continue to further understand the exact needs of the local customers. These are essential  to advance the development and strengthen the processes to be able to deliver in real practice – all of the time,  every time. This is also vital to learn and grow as a team in the days ahead," says Michael Bartlitz.

Simultaneously additional customers are being acquired and promising new contacts developed by Key Account Manager Julius Pflug. In Langenzersdorf, washing has started and will continue with an interim system until the end of July 23, when the transition to new spiral will be initiated after final trials have been completed in August 23. Ultimately, delivering the expected even higher quality standard at a lower energy consumption cost.

"Developing new projects does not always mean having the perfect result. That is almost never possible. It is more a case of bravely trying things out at certain points, honestly assessing the outcome, identifying the problem and finding a solution!", says Andreas Lenz.

It remains exciting! However we as a team are proud to have reached this first milestone in the Wash Centre project, in Langenzersdorf, Austria!