vPOOL rüstet AED-Koffer auf

vPOOL upgrades AED case

21 February 2023

The logistics company for reusable food crates vPOOL Logistics GmbH now has an Automated External Defibrillator on its premises. This is registered online and can also be used by external parties in an emergency.

Many people are familiar with a defibrillator, or "defi" for short, from spectacular scenes in series such as "Emergency Room" or "Der Bergdoktor". But reality, as we all know, always looks a little different. Cardiac arrhythmias or sudden cardiac arrest can be fatal if the right help is not available quickly. In rural areas, distances add to the time factor.

But for some years now, there has been a small inconspicuous case for this case that can save lives. The so-called AED (Automated External Defibrillator) can be found more and more often in public places and facilities, mostly increasingly in metropolitan areas. In the greater Ansbach and Rothenburg area, Wörnitz, in addition to the municipality of Schillingsfürst, Aurach and Brunst now has the first registered AED case in the industrial area near REWE and ALDI at the company vPOOL.

"Safty first - that's important to vPOOL. We frequently offer preventive health campaigns for our employees and training in first aid. The purchase of an AED was another logical step here. If such a small device can save lives, we are happy to support it!" explains Waltraut Witt, the company's internal safety officer.

By the end of February, employees will receive training on the device on a voluntary basis. The handling is simple and actually self-explanatory. The device speaks when the case is opened and gives instructions. And so, in an emergency, lives can be saved here even without prior instruction. Neighboring companies and supermarkets will be informed separately about the purchase and provision of the AED. In the event of an emergency, there is also the option of accessing the AED in the vPOOL building.

Locations of all AEDs in Germany can be quickly found online in various "defi" databases. There is also information there on how to recognize cardiac arrhythmias and explanatory videos for the correct use of defibrillators, so that everyone can become active and help in an emergency!