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How our consulting and needs assessment works

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Before we start working for you, we’ll take a detailed look at your logistics needs. Our individual consultation meetings are an opportunity for us to make sure that we understand your logistics processes and requirements so that we can offer you the perfect logistics concept.



Together, we’ll take a look at exactly what kinds of load carriers you need – standard load carriers or individual packaging solutions, for example, or whether you’ll need cleaned empties or not. We’ll work with you to determine the volumes required and demand peaks for meat crates and pallets. Depending on how your vehicle fleet and logistics are deployed, you can organise transportation yourself or outsource it to us. We’ll also deal with the administrative side: do you need specific financing or do you have particular requirements in terms of accounting or the connection to your ERP system?

We’re happy to provide answers to these questions as well. We aspire to use network thinking and bundle our customers’ diverse requirements into an optimal logistics system that offers synergies for all stakeholders. This is especially important when dealing with calculations where up to three digits after the decimal are vital for commercial success.

After our initial meeting, we’ll prepare a solution that’s perfect for you. We’ll figure out what makes the most sense for you: pooling, buying or leasing load carriers. One option may also be a combination that covers seasonal peaks in container management.

Just get in touch and we’ll be happy to guide you!

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