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What is load carrier pooling anyway?

Load carrier pooling is a Europe-wide reusable exchange system from which all participants benefit because they can exchange load carriers flexibly and cost-effectively. This significantly simplifies logistics in the supply chains of food manufacturers, retailers and logistics service providers:

  • europe-wide ordering, delivery & collection of load carriers
  • at the desired time, at the desired place, in the desired quality
  • E containers, E-Performance containers and much more
  • sustainable logistics concept, reduces empty runs & CO2 emissions
  • optimal advice & linking of demand & surplus
  • use of network effects & synergies


Europe-wide delivery and collection of empty containers and load carriers

Within the supply chain of the food industry, we have an extensive, Europe-wide network. This enables us to supply our customers reliably and quickly with the different types of load carriers, even at peak times.

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The advantages of standard load-carrier pooling for the food industry

Optimised, sustainable processes for your supply chain

At vPool, our pooling system effectively connects our customers’ needs for reusable containers with efficient supply. This reduces or even eliminates the requirement for certain transport routes.

The grade of load carriers you need, where you need them

We deliver the desired quality and quantity of empty containers – right where and when you need them.

Inventory and storage flexibility

Free up storage space as you don’t need to keep meat crates or pallets on hand and can simply rent more during seasonal peaks.

poolbook – the digital solution for your load-carrier management

Our software allows you to place paperless orders whenever and wherever you need. Automated and transparent processes make the work easier. Settlement requires no physical actions and provides a live balance.

A cost-effective, flexible solution

No capital commitment: vPOOL handles the investment; you don’t need to use any of your own capital. You only pay for the load carriers for as long as you use them. You save time avoiding in-house load-carrier management and spare yourself the need for a transport fleet.

Sustainable logistics = less waste from empty containers

By storing pallets and boxes near the drop-off and pick-up points, we ensure that our customers don’t just save time and fuel, but also reduce their CO2 footprint and thus contribute to a sustainable future. 

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