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Greater flexibility for your core business

vPOOL’s pooling (barter) rental and sale options provide greater flexibility, reliable deliveries and a wealth of options for long-term planning to food industry producers, retailers and logistics providers. We guarantee the availability of exchangeable load carriers for the food industry across Europe, making it easy for you to deal with fluctuations in demand. Regardless of the quality or quantity required, we deliver the Euro containers, E Performance crates, (one-way) pallets or big boxes you need to transport or store your goods.

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Lease (rental) of load carriers

Do you need empty containers at a specific place and time but want to avoid long-term capital commitments? Does your warehouse not have space for pallets and crates to just sit around idly?

Our leasing arrangements for exchangeable standard load carriers are made to handle these short-term peaks in demand. You only pay for the time during which you use the containers – regardless of whether you need them cleaned or not. Leasing Euro meat crates, Performance crates or pallets helps to balance out these fluctuations without having to pay for long-term storage or buy load carriers. With our extensive logistics network, we can get deliveries to you quickly – even (and especially) during peak periods. With the capital this frees up, you can make more profitable investments in the company’s core business.

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Load-carrier supply

Do you have an internal logistics cycle? You can purchase both exchangeable as well as one-way load carriers from us: we have a solution for everything.

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We also provide custom-made products

  • Customised design: We can have your logo, company name or a K3 imprint printed onto your load carriers
  • Non-standard box stack heights: Only need 24 crates per pallet rather than 48? No problem!
  • Non-standard pallets: We can stack your crates on H1 or other pallets
  • Runners for plastic pallets: We can provide you with runners for your plastic pallets that you can easily clip on; we can also mount the runners for you
  • Protective packaging: For applications with strict hygiene requirements, we can wrap your load carriers in stretch film, pack them with a cover, or turn the upper crates over
  • Disinfection: Do you need load carriers to be disinfected prior to use, even for new goods? We can take care of it for you
  • Mixed loads: Do you need different load carriers on the same lorry? We can handle that for you

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