vPOOL offers the right quality for all parties involved with an extensive range, from plastic and H1 hygiene pallets to industrial big boxes - from manufacturers to retailers to logistics companies. Take advantage of our years of in-depth experience in the food retail and CC sectors.

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Producers & Manufacturers

  • Pooling, lease and sale of RTPs made to meet high quality requirements in the meat, fish and protein industry and for vegetable producers
  • Food-grade storage and transport containers
  • Cleaning of empty exchangeable containers
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Wholesale & Retailers

  • Load carriers for sensitive sectors with special hygiene requirements, e.g. supermarkets
  • Deformation- and impact-resistant, stackable big boxes for high-bay warehouses
  • Pooling to avoid empty journeys
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Forwarders & Logistics

  • Quick and easy drop-off and pick-up of reusable containers
  • Simplified empty container management
  • Pooling of minimal quantities
  • Pooling to avoid empty journeys
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How working with vPOOL benefits you

vPOOL coordinates its customers’ diverse requirements with the aim of avoiding unnecessary empty journeys and providing the load carriers where and when they’re needed, with the quality customers require.

We provide a customised concept that makes the most sense for your logistical challenge. This can range from individual components of load-carrier management to solutions that extend to the entire value chain.

We always do our very best to fulfil our customers’ expectations. We support our community throughout Europe – whenever and wherever needed!

We have the right load carrier for every need, with meat crates, performance containers, H1 hygiene pallets and accessories.

A fully automated, paperless solution with poolbook, a proprietary software solution which digitises and speeds up load-carrier management.

Our partners and network synergies when making and collecting deliveries save our customers more than time and fuel: they also save money and reduce their CO2 output.