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Cleaning & hygiene

When we clean your load carriers, we follow the HACCP standards to the letter, leveraging our experience in container cleaning and close, long-term cooperation with our partners. We can also fulfil any special requirements you have. This means that we can provide sanitised empty containers just about anywhere at short notice, with impeccable cleanliness and compliant with all conventional hygiene requirements. By giving costly crate-washing systems a pass and letting us worry about disinfecting your containers, you can direct your full focus to your core business.

Once they have been used, we can pick up your food containers – Euro containers, H1 pallets, big boxes and more – and bring them to one of our partners washing facilities across Europe. There, they’ll be cleaned in accordance with HACCP quality standards for food safety using modern pressure-washing systems. Finally, the crates and boxes will be delivered to the specified production facility.

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Are you running out of space for your load carriers and want to get more out of your warehouse? We’ll help you make room!

Our extensive service centres, located across Europe, help us to ensure rapid, efficient container logistics. The service centres, along with a variety of additional loading points, form our wide-reaching logistics network. This allows us to avoid long distances while ensuring that we can always provide load carriers in a cost-effective manner. In addition, our customers can also store their load carriers here, either temporarily or for longer periods.

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